Splints & Guards

Trutain (1mm invisible)

2mm hard or soft night guard

3mm sport guard (colors available)

Durasoft (1.8mm or 2.5mm)

Comfort Flex (2.0mm or 3.0mm)


Acrylic splint

Gelb splint

Headgear splint

Surgical guide

Bleaching tray​

Our Policies

Turnaround Time  

Please allow at least 5-7 business days for standard retainers and metal appliances, and a minimum of 7-10 business days for advanced appliances and splints. For mailing accounts, allow additional time for transit. Rush two-day (48 hours) turnaround available in case of emergencies by special request for an additional charge. 

Pick-Up and Delivery

SmileWire offers pick-up and delivery services throughout The Bay Area. Please contact us directly about your specific location and whether we service your area. To request a pick-up, please call us by 10:00 am of that day. Any requests made later than that will have to be scheduled for the following day. For timely deliveries, please write the due date as the day BEFORE the patient's appointment date.  

Remakes and Repairs

Our warranty for our appliances is 90 days from the delivery date. If an appliance breaks within that period of time, we will repair it for free. If an appliance breaks after the warranty has expired, we will repair it (if possible) for a partial fee or remake it at full price. If an appliance was made incorrectly, we will remake it for free. In the case where an appliance fits the model but does not fit the patient, there is a possibility of a distortion due to a poorly-taken impression: thus, a new model will be necessary for a remake. Any "redo" appliances have to be returned to the lab in order to be taken off the bill.   Distortions happen occasionally, but an excessive amount of remakes not at the lab's fault will lead to regular charges.    

If you do not see your specific appliance on the list, please call us directly about a custom order. A price-list and color chart are available upon request to serious inquiries. 

Products and Services

1111 Elko Drive Suite G Sunnyvale, CA 94089    650-918-7645

Advanced Appliances

Spring aligner w/ clasping and labial acrylic


Twin Block

Orthodontic lab San Jose

Acrylic Retainers

Hawley w/ 2 ball clasps or rests

Hawley w/ 2 ball clasps and 2 rests

Hawley w/ 2 arrow clasps

Hawley w/ 2 C-clasps

Hawley w/ 2 Adams clasps

Hawley w/ soldered C-clasps to labial bow

Hawley w/ soldered C-clasps and rests

Dugoni (Buccal arms)


Wraparound w/ 2 stabilizing wires

Ricketts bow w/ 2 clasps

Each retainer can be customized with additional components, such as active springs, bite plates, labial acrylic, and more. We offer a wide selection of colors and patterns beyond the classic translucent pink. Color charts are available upon request.                                

Metal Appliances

Space maintainer (band and loop)

Lingual arch

Lingual arch w/ adjustment loops


TPA, removable


Fixed bite plate

Thumb habit

Tongue thrust




Bonded lingual retainer

Expanders & Distalizers


Fan Schwartz

Sagittal 2 way

Sagittal 3 way


Haas PEA

Bonded RME

RPE hyrax / MEA

Quad helix


Spring jet



T-rex pendex